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For the love of Instagram: How to make the most of the app and your photos

I have a serious crush on Instagram.  As far as social media platforms go I think I would place Instagram above  Facebook and Twitter as my favorite social media platforms.  As my interest (or addiction) to Instagram has grown so has the ways in which I like to utilize it.

Whether you are just venturing out into the Instagram world or are looking for new ways to utilize your own Instagram pictures, here are some ideas on how to get the most out of your Instagram pictures.

Social Sharing

instagram feed isn’t the only place you can share your photos.  The
Instagram App allows you to easily share your pics  via Facebook,
Twitter, Tumblr, Flicker,  and Four Square, however you aren’t limited
to those platforms.

Since photos are saved to your picture gallery you can share your Instagram pictures anywhere you can upload a photograph.

 If you are a blogger consider using Instagram and a few creative photo apps to create photos for your blog.

Create a Photo Journal

 One of the things I’ve recently discovered doing with my Instagram shots is actually printing them out (iPhone Photocube Printer) and putting them into a Smash Journal.  
I particularly like to make travel journals this way, however it also is a great way to keep a photo journal.  I’m also thinking of making one for each of our children which will include funny things they say and special memories.  Need some more ideas?  Read: Stuff to do with all those Instagram Shots.

Create Photo Gifts & Products

 In addition to sharing your pictures virtually, via social media platforms, you can turn your Instagram pictures into real works of art or just print the photos to use and share  the old fashioned way.

Become  an artist and you 
can curate your own Instagram gallery and allow others to purchase your pictures.  Another
alternative to is Canvas Pop where you can also turn a picture into multiple split canvases or select from various frame styles and sizes.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to purchase your own art and create your own custom wall art for yourself or gift to others.

Casetagram allows you to take your favorite Instagram pics and turn them into an iPhone case. 

Postagram allows you to send real or virtual postcards using your Instagram pics. I particularly like this for my travel photos (alternative to purchased postcards), but they also work great as a thank-you to a hostess for a great party you attended, or use them to create thank-you notes for your children.  Your first 5 Postagrams are currently free, so give it a try!

Printstagram allows you to print virtually anything using your Instagram photos. 
My personal favorites are the:

Memory Box where you get tiny prints in an archival box. This is a great way to showcase your children’s artworks and favorite childhood things.  Just take a picture and you’ll have it forever.  Alternatively, just get an  memory box full of everything you’ve ever taken on Instagram and sort it by year. You’ll have an instant photo record of your year and you won’t have to worry about what losing your pics if Instagram ever gets taken down or changed by Facebook.

PhotoSquares come in 2 sizes and can be used in scrapbooks, photoalbums or Smash Albums.

Mini Books are 3.5 x2.4 books of your favorite pictures.

Take better pictures

The ultimate way to get the most out of your pictures is of course to take better pictures to begin with.  If you have an iPhone the smartest thing you can do is learn to master your iPhone camera technology.  Lets face it, most of us take the majority of our pictures using our iPhone.  Why? Because it’s handy, its easy to use and its always on us! 

From practice and watching what friends do I’ve seen  SOME of my iPhone pictures take on an almost professional quality. Who doesn’t want to take pictures like a professional? If you would like to learn to take better pictures grab Alli Worthington’s ebook,  iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide (currently only $5) and you’ll be taking better pictures after one Chapter!

iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide by Alli Worthington

Do you enjoy using Instagram? What are your favorite tips?

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Organizing your passwords, ISP, network and software license information

Do you have a log book where you store your important computer information including user names/passwords for websites that you use?  Having one can help you remember all those sites you join, as well as be able to access them.

In preparation of our upcoming move (again) I am busy getting myself organized as I pack.  One of my latest purchases was the log book shown above. However, I’ve noticed that the company is out of business so finding a well priced book may not be as easy as it once was.

With that being said I have made the following pages for you so that you can download them and put them into a binder for your personal use.  You are welcome to share this information with friends or on your own blog as long as you link to this original post.   

Be sure to scroll through all 5 pages to see all of the different forms I made for you!

 Computer and Internet Password and Record Keeper

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Expand your vocabulary

Did you know that the average person knows 10,000 words, yet only uses less than half of them when speaking or writing? In many cases this amounts to only two thousand words.

“…a fine vocabulary can add clarity, wit, and even drama to what we say and write.”
excerpt: Small Change: Little Things make a big difference by Susan Terkel and Larry Terkel.

Here are two interesting words I recently learned:

\AF-ter-klap\ , noun;
1. An unexpected, often unpleasant sequel to a matter that had been considered closed.

Many people who voted for Obama are now bewailing its afterclap on their daily lives.


\sar-TOR-ee-uhl\ , adjective;

1.Of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring.

2.Of or relating to clothing, or style or manner of dress.

3.[Anatomy] Of or relating to the sartorius muscle.

She was well known in social circles for her sartorial expression.

PTA meetings in Beverly Hills are well known for their sartorial splendor!

She wished her husband’s sartorial style wasn’t limited to Hawaiian shirts.

Have you heard them before? If not, maybe you want to take them for a test drive this week and see how you do?

Would you consider joining me in learning a
word of the day? You can sign up for a free emailed word of the day and then participate with me on my Tumblr or Facebook page.

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Joining the Swag Bucks Bandwagon

Search & Win

Do you do the Swag Bucks thing? I’m new at it, but am considering it. I’d love to hear your experiences—good or bad.

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I recently became an iPhone owner.

I have never felt the call for an iPhone. Maybe it was the hype. Maybe it was the line around the building at 2am or maybe I just didn’t get it.

But Big Daddy made the switch 3 days before me and before I knew it, I was following suit!
Now, I don’t know what I was so afraid about.

What I love about my iPhone
- I love the voice mail feature. How cool to play the messages in whatever order you want!

- I have to admit, I like the apps…No, I’m obsessed with the apps!

- I love the touch screen. Easy to navigate, type…a mini computer. Love it!

- I love how my subfolders in Outlook sync up on the iPhone. My Blackberry didn’t do that.

What I wish they could improve
The battery drains fast. I have solved that for the most part by getting a mophie, but Big Daddy had to get three to just get through a business day without recharging. The battery needs improvement.

My top favorite apps
words with friends
Grocery IQ
iBird Plus

If you have an iPhone I’d love to hear what your favorites are.

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