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Links & Things: Leaving Las Vegas Edition

Palazzo Suite

I’ve been in Las Vegas for a Singapore Math Conference.  Seriously.  This homeschooling thing is no joke.  For the past week I’ve spent the better part of 9 hours each day thinking about the one thing I dreaded and avoided in school: math.  The conference was held at the same time of the National Tobacco Conference and although that sounds seriously horrible to me, it turned out to be amazing for so many of the teachers attending the conference.  Why?  Many of us got upgrades because of the limited availability of non-smoking rooms!  Bonus!  The picture above is of the swanky suite I was upgraded to.  I was seriously impressed with the Venetian Hotel. It was the first time I’ve ever stayed there and I as soon as my head stops spinning I’ll sit down and write a post about it for the travel section.

In between practicing Singapore Math Model Drawings I managed to read a few things online:

If you don’t live in South Florida this might not mean anything to you, but the former Versace Mansion is now in foreclosure.

The Day I stopped saying Hurry up {Hands Free Mama} made me rethink how I go through my days.

I don’t know whether to send you over to Lynn Knowlton’s feature on Design Mom for the pictures of her beautiful home or to hear the stories of her heart. I really fell for both and don’t get me started about the tree house. Seriously, the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.

On Trophy Mom Diaries:

This week I’ve been writing about our trip to the Dominican Republic with Compassion International:

How to be the 1%

Waiting Children

Karin Katherine on Instagram

You can follow me on Instagram this week I’ve been posting pictures from Las Vegas and the Math Conference.  Next week I’ll be back to the grind.


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Links & Things: Summer Edition

Blue Crabs

I’m so ready for summer.  Because we homeschool year round we usually  have a light schedule during the summer, except this year.  I cannot even think about it right now without tearing up.  I’m worn out.  I feel sort of like the Worst End of School year Mom Ever, except in a homeschool way.  Which makes me both the worn out Mom and the Teacher assigning more work.  To make myself feel better we had our first Maryland Style Crabs of the season.  Some men grill, my Road Warrior makes us Maryland Blue Crabs and it wouldn’t be summer without it.

Maryland Blue Crab

Summer Inspired Links

I want to make these Summer S’More Kits with my kids for their friends.

This  Cherries Jubilee Ice Cream Pie looks like summer, doesn’t it?

Click through 26 Summer House Tours  and there’s a chance to link up your own!


TMD Recap

This week I shared DIY Pirate Party for Kids, our last kids’ birthday party of the season.   Each time I say it’s my best party yet, but this one is.  I even learned to use a sewing machine (very basic) in the process.

The {ditto} DIY Project continues and I hope you’ll link up with us in July. It’s going to be so much fun. I’m already planning a big trip to the fabric store.


Instagram Feeds to Follow

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I really love Instagram.  It’s come a long way since just shots of everyone’s food or coffees with a heart in the foam.

Neil Kramer is a writer with a great eye for instagram photography. He lives in NYC and his city perspective will make you long for (or miss) NYC.

Up Close & Stylish is the feed to follow if you love fashion. I love looking at every picture she posts even though none of the outfits fit my lifestyle. It’s just fun to look.

P.S Are you following me on Instagram? : 0 )



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Links & Things: Going Country Edition

Gopher Tortoise in Florida

We’re out in the country this week and are loving every second of just being together in the outdoors.  When I was  a child my favorite childhood memory was going to my Aunt’s house.  She lived in an area where everyone had horses and horse barns.  Coming from a neighborhood on quarter acre lots this was a big deal for me as a child. 

I remember marveling at all the space we had to run around and be (loud) kids.  We rode horses, played hide-and-seek in the orange groves, and stayed outside from morning until it was too dark to see.  Watching my children enjoy the freedom of exploration and nature warms my heart and makes me remember the times I was at my Aunt’s house. 

I hope my kids look back on these days with as much fondness.  You can follow our adventures this week on my Instagram feed.

Trophy Mom Diaries



This week I gave a tour of our home on Design Mom’s Living with Kids series.  Although I was initially nervous, I really thought it was an honor to be on it because I truly love the series.  Gabrielle goes out of her way to ensure that the series is very diverse. Not only can you see homes in other parts of the United States, but also other parts of the world. I love that!  Our house was not without a tad bit of controversy, as you will see in the comments, but the overall vibe was one of support and appreciation for participating. If you’re a reader from Design Mom, I thank-you for stopping by and welcome you!

So much is being said about the Abercrombie and Fitch CEO’s views and his ‘target market’.  I don’t personally shop there, but my thought is that there are a lot of other clothing stores in the world.   I believe entrepreneurs should be free to market their goods or services to whomever they wish, as long as it’s not against the law.  What do you think?

Encouragement for Mothers on Mother’s Day

True story.

I almost forgot this weekend was Mother’s Day.  

My gift to you this Mother’s Day is encouragement.  Especially if you’re battling infertility.

The Call to Motherhood—even for the childless {My Archived Posts}

Why you’re never failing as a mother {Huffington Post}

Mother’s Day: It’s complicated {My archived posts}

 Happy Mother’s Day!

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Links & Things: Cooking with Kids Edition


Cooking with Kids

It’s raining in South Florida—a lot.  Pools are overflowing.  I realize this is South Florida Problems, or as my neighbor calls it, ‘Champagne Problems’.  Normally I like the rain, it makes me want to snuggle up and read a book, or organize something.  But, not this week. I have too much to do.  In case I’m the only homeschool Mother you know, May is our CRAZY month. We go crazy and want to turn the school day into a 12 hour affair to fit in the last of what we had planned before the annual homeschool conventions begin.  So to  pass the time (and get in some Home Ec) I’ve been cooking with my kids. 


Online Discoveries:

Closet Visit is an opportunity to look into the closets of some fashionable and diverse women.  What’s not to love about that?

My favorite new Instagram feed is:  UP Close & Stylish.  I don’t care who this anonymous person really is, who she is married to, if she used a professional photographer or whether or not she edits the photos herself on her iPhone 5 (she says she does). I just like looking at the fashion…and pretending I looked like that every day.


Have you liked the Trophy Mom Diaries Facebook page yet?

I post daily finds, questions, and inspiration on there. It’s a great way connect with the other members of the Trophy Mom Diaries community.

This week I posted an interesting article about a man who gave up the internet for a yearCould you go a year without the internet?

Do you know what the most overused word in the English language is? What word do you most overuse?

Here is the recipe for the Fish Baked in Salt (shown above) only we used Branzino and I doubled the salt mixture.


Have a great weekend!


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Links & Things: Florida Tourist Edition

 Universal Studios Ponchos

This week we went to Orlando to be with the Road Warrior on a business trip.  I like coming to Orlando because I grew up here and it’s a fun place for kids.  But I always feel like a tourist because nothing looks the same to me and I use navigation to get everywhere.  The Road Warrior usually kids me about that but I’m choosing to embrace it.  It’s fun to a be a tourist in your own town  (or state) sometimes.

My new friend Ruth joined me with her gorgeous and sweet girls and we had a great time at Universal Studios.  Ruth is that friend you bring when your boys want to go on  rides that make you pray for your life, and allows you  save face and  stay behind to  mind the younger children.  She is also that friend you bring for laughter, conversation and a good time.  I’m grateful I made a new Mommy friend and I’m grateful that she encourages and challenges me.


Weekend Reading

As a Mom of 3 girls I don’t know how I managed to just ‘discover’ Cute Girls Hairstyles but I’m now addicted.  The tutorials are inspiring.

It’s been a trying time for our family lately and Why God loves us was the balm I needed to soothe my wounded soul. It’s quick and simple, just like the love of Christ.

Do you remember when everyone was posting they were number 444,980 on the list for the Mailbox?  Well, I’m happy to report there is no list anymore. For those of us who didn’t know what the heck everyone was talking about, now we can just download the Mailbox App and see for ourselves.

Karin Katherine

Are you following my Instagram Stream? I posted pics from our latest business trip.  This is my version of Business Casual.

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