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DIY Pirate Party

This year we hosted a Pirate Party for our Birthday Buccaneers.  I hope this party inspires you to create your own themed event.

DIY Pirate Party


I’ve always said that the invitation sets the tone for an event and that’s even more true with themed events.  For this event I created a Pirate Invitation in a bottle using an aging technique on the bottle and corks.

Each invitation had a custom label with the Buccaneer Guest’s name.  Most of the invitations were hand delivered but a couple were mailed packed in Spanish Moss and a narrow white box.

DIY Pirate Party Invitation in a Bottle



Pirate Party Decor

The party was held  in the heart of Florida Cracker Country so my challenge was to make this rustic setting fit a pirate themed party.  Using a pond on the property, we created a ‘Pirate Lagoon’  as the backdrop for this party and the location of our shipwreck.

Pirate Plank

Pirate Lagoon

Pirate Boat

Masts were created for these tables using the DIY Pirate Mast Centerpiece instructions

pirate party-40


Pirate sword fight

The boys had one request for their party: they wanted to play a lot of games with their friends.  This Pirate Party was packed full of non-stop entertainment including a Treasure Hunt that involved riddles and clues and a Scavenger Hunt for Treasure Boxes containing the next clue.

Pirate scavenger hunt

Other games included: Capture the flag, Cannon Ball Toss, Pirate Sword Pop, Swab the Deck relay race and a Pirates Life for Me Obstacle Course.

pirate boat race

Our band of merry Pirates

pirate costumes


After all the non-stop actions we served up a buffet to feed our band of hungry Pirates.  When it comes to a kids’ parties you cannot go wrong with a buffet.

Pirate Beverages

The Pirate Theme was carried over to the buffet where playful buffet cards were made for the menu which included:

Buffet for Pirate Party

Pirate Punch,

PBJ Planks,

Pirate Ship Hot Dogs,

Pirate Peg Legs

Mr. Smee’s Deviled Eggs

pirate Buffet

Pirates Booty

Fishy Snacks

Watermelon Slices

Roasted Pig

DIY Pirate Party Buffet


Pirate Party Resources:

Make your own Pirate Invitation in a bottle

Visit my Pirate Party Resource Page for more information on resources used in this party.

The Sherbert Party Punch Recipe makes a great Pirate Punch

Download the Pirate Party Entertainment PDF to read more about the games we played and what you need for them. (coming soon!)

DIY Salt Water labels 

Check-out my Pirate Party Pinterest Board for more inspiring ideas



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How to make a Pirate Party Invitation in a bottle

Ahoy there, Matey!

There be a Pirate Party on the Horizon!  Here’s the details on how to host your own Buccaneer Bash.  Avast Ye, the invitation sets the tone for the party, so don’t be forgetting about it, or ye might have to walk the plank!

DIY Pirate Party Invitation in a Bottle


DIY Aged Glass Bottle Technique

Glass bottles

There are numerous ways to age glass bottles but my favorite technique for this application is to combine the sandpaper technique with a little glass enamel wash.  I think it gives it an older aged look that is perfect for a Pirate Party Invitation in a Bottle.

How to age bottles

Step One:  Using a heavy grain sandpaper (I like 80 grit) sand the bottle in various directions.

Step Two:  Mix 40 % enamel paint with  60% water to create a wash and apply evenly with a brush.

Step Three: Using a paper towel, cloth or tissue dab lightly around the bottle.  This will give texture and remove some of the paint.

Step Four: Allow to dry completely.

Pirate Party Invitations

DIY Pirate Party Invitation in a bottle

Pirate Party Invitation

Step One:Create a custom label for your invitation.   For our invitations I customized each label with the name of the guests with ‘Buccaneer’ followed by the child’s name.

Step Two: Create an invitation using parchment paper.  Try to be creative with the text.  There are a number of great websites to look up popular Pirate phrases or jargon.

Step Three: Hand tear the edges and use an ink pad on the edges. My favorite is Tim Holz’s distress ink, but a regular ink pad would work too.

Step Four: Crumple paper into a ball, and then unfold it.

Step Five: Roll paper up and wrap twine around it and tie a knot.

Step Six: Add sand to the bottle (if desired) and shake it up so the sand sticks a little to the sides of the inside of the bottle.

Step Seven: Insert roll into the bottle, leaving enough twine to hang out the side of the bottle.

Step Eight: Add a cork (not too tightly).


Pirate Party Invitation

Additional Resources

See how the party all came together in the DIY Pirate Party for Kids post (coming soon!).

Don’t forget to visit the Pirate Party Resource page for more information on where to find materials used in this project.

Learn How to age costumes


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Candy Land Birthday Party

Our 5 year old daughter loves the game Candy Land so I thought it would be the perfect  theme for her Birthday Party.  I’m sharing the photos and resources from this party so that you can create your own Candy Land inspired Birthday Party for your child.

Candyland Party

Candy Land Party Decor

This playful party was set up outdoors, taking advantage of the beautiful South Florida weather.  The tables & cane chairs were rented.  The armchair is from our dining room. If you think it looks a little bit familiar we used the same table & chairs for our Very Merry Unbirthday Party theme last year.  This is a classic example how props and rentals can be re-purposed for multiple events.

Candyland Birthday Party

The outdoor table was set using a playful palette of Candy Land inspired colors.  Keeping with the theme the guests plates (in three colors) were all topped with a lollipop.  The Hats on the tables did double duty as party favors.

Candyland Tablescape

Candy Land Candy Buffet

It wouldn’t be a Candy Land Party without a Candy Buffet!  This buffet table held: candy topped cupcakes, ice cream cones stuffed with cotton candy, chocolate dipped marshmallows, gumballs and jellybeans.candyland buffet table

Candy Land Birthday Cake Table

Another table, inside the dining room, held the Birthday Cake and other sweet treats, such as oversize Candy available at the store  It’Sugar.

While  under the table, lanterns were artfully wrapped with cellophane to look like giant candies that had been dropped.

candy land theme Cake Table

Candy Props ~

cake table

cake collage_candyland

This Candy Land inspired cake was a hit with everyone and tasted just as delicious as it looked!

Gingerbread girls and boys were incorporated to signify the pawns used to play the classic board game.  Foundant made up the board squares.

Everything on the cake was edible!

Candy Land Party Entertainment

Outdoor Candyland Game

When it came to entertainment the FIRST thing to do is play Candy Land of course!

Candyland Games

Using laminated construction paper (with pebbles glued to the back for weight) to create the ‘game board’  I turned our backyard into a lifesize CandyLand inspired Game.  The kids were thrilled!  Since the party we’ve even played it twice more.

If you’re curious about the Gingerbread Men, it helps to have twin bothers who are willing to dress up to help complete your party theme!  The boys played along with the other kids, dressed in their Gingerbread Men costumes.

Karin Katherine

Chocolate Mountain


Our Birthday Girl was serious about taking her 5 Birthday Swings to break open the Ice Cream Pinata.

Child playing with Pinata

Candy Land Party Favors

Candyland Party Favors

Want to DIY this party?

Want to recreate this party at home? Read my Candy Land Party Resources page and don’t forget to grab the Sherbert Party Punch Recipe!

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Cutie Pie’s Tutu Party

For Cutie Pie’s THIRD Birthday we threw her a TUTU TEA PARTY.  This was the most perfect party theme for our little dancer.  Every morning I find her wearing a tutu and performing somewhere in the house.

There were several favors (because I also like to use them as part of the decor) including:

Jellybean Jars with butterflies and ribbon on the jar

Fairy Princess Wands
Tutus that also decorated the chairs when slipped over the back.
Tutu’s handmade by Mom (favor & decoration)
The table was set with mis-matched tea cups and china that were a combination of borrowed items from friends and new to us purchases from our local Goodwill!
Pom Poms hung from ribbon in the patio arches

It was the perfect day and perfect little girl fantasy.

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