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A Six Week Break


Tree of Hope

After struggling to keep all the balls in the air I’ve come to the realization that I cannot, in fact, keep all the balls in the air.

So, instead of trying  cram time in to write something worthy of others reading, and then beating myself up when I don’t, I’ve decided to be  reasonable & wise and just give myself 6 weeks off.

I can do that.

I need to do that.

I’ll be back on September 18th and I hope you’ll join me.







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When People You Know Read Your Blog

On Mondays I usually write about Marriage or Motherhood.  Today’s post is slightly different.

Women Gossiping

Here’s the thing, when I started blogging my thought was much like it was when I decided to pose for Playboy Magazine.

I thought:  No one I know will ever see it.

At first I imagined somewhat nameless & faceless strangers reading my blog and occasionally commenting.

Later, I imagined two separate and very distinct areas of my life.

One involved my secret online friends reading and frequently commenting on my blog, while everyone else didn’t know a thing about it.

My blog was going to be a SAFE creative outlet and though I was essentially putting myself out there by writing publicly online; I believed I could fail, look stupid, or learn things the hard way (my apparent preferred method of learning) away from the judgement of those I knew.

Not so.

As I continue to follow my desire to write, express myself and to hopefully learn better punctuation and grammar skills; I’m also learning to accept that people I know are going to read this blog.

I never imagined or expected a scenario that while in the middle of cleaning out my daughter’s closet our housekeeper would walk in and say, “My daughter and I started reading your blog”.

And while I didn’t handle it well (I just said, “Oh”) and the ground didn’t open up at will and swallow me whole; I’m learning to accept that too.

While pursuing my passions there are going to be people who  talk about me, criticize my ‘foolish pursuits’ or simply shrug their shoulders indifferently.

And that’s okay.

Every day I tell my children they should pursue their dreams.

I tell them  they can try anything and that it’s okay if they fail or don’t do it perfectly, as long as they enjoy it.

Doesn’t that apply to me as well?

What better example could I be to my children than one who is living out what I ask them to believe?

What’s holding you back? Are you keeping your pursuits and passions private because of fear? Or has fear stopped you from pursuing them at all?

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Type-A Parent Rookie

Today I flew into Charlotte, North Carolina with our 5 kids and 2 babysitters.  One of whom strangers frequently mistake as my oldest teenage daughter (although she isn’t a teen), which makes me feel both old and flattered. She is a beautiful young woman and I like that as we wrangle kids together we look like a giant family…and let’s face it. I like giant families—hence the 5 kids, which I realize isn’t so giant…but tell that to the strangers that count my children out loud as we walk by!

We came to Charlotte not for a vacation, although it feels like it to my kids, but for the Type A Parent Conference.  It is a blogging conference that I have never attended.  However, right after the high of Blissdom, everyone was asking, “Are you going to Type-A next?” and I did something crazy and signed up right in the airport lounge, while we waited for our flight back home.

type-a parent conference

Now I’m here…and truth be told, I’m nervous.  I’m missing my peeps and I’m nervous about  making some new peeps.

Something people don’t seem to immediately recognize about me is that I’m extremely shy. I want to talk to people, but I freeze up.  I have no idea how to make small talk.  I’m so much braver when I have a job to do…and I don’t have a job. 

But I’m here.  I’m open to learning new things and meeting new people…and next year I won’t be wearing the rookie badge!

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Blissdom at Home: Watch Conference Sessions from Blissdom at home!

Great news for bloggers who weren’t able to attend Blissdom 2012 – you can now watch all the sessions from home by subscribing to Blissdom at Home.  As an attendee of Blissdom 2012 I know there were sessions that I would like to hear again and a few that I wished I could have attended! Blissdom at Home gives me an opportunity to do both—and you too!
When you subscribe to Blissdom at Home you will get unlimited access to all of the sessions (watch as many times as you want) until the next Blissdom (2013).

Couldn't make it to BlissDom? Get it all here.

For more information, click on the Affiliate Link above. You won’t be charged any extra for using my affiliate link, but you will help me start saving for next year’s Blissdom Conference. 

Need a little more encouragement, or not quite sure what Blissdom is?  Watch this opening video:

BlissDom ’12 – Opening Video from Blissful Media Group on Vimeo.

Hope to see you next year! 

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Beechcon 2012

Beechcon stands for: Blogging to encourage and equip Christian homeschoolers. The idea was conceived 3 years ago by Maggie Hogan (Bright Ideas Press) and Jenn (Daze of Adventure).
A select group of women (how on earth did I get included?) were invited to come and experience an idea and help determine if it was something that could become a conference in 2013.
I’m told the names were prayerfully considered.  I believe it to be true for two reasons. First, how else would I have been invited if not for God intervening on my behalf?  
The second reason is that the entire weekend was filled with God moments…and laughter…and chocolate…and exposed souls, joined hearts…and tons and tons of sharing.  Real life sharing of marketing, SEO and business tactics.  
Imagine your best friend taking you under her wing and telling you all her secrets. Yeah, it was like that.  For real.
For me it was an opportunity to finally meet those I only knew online: Jimmie, Jolanthe, and Maggie.
Then, I had an opportunity to meet those that I should have known all along on line…and one that I cannot wait to get online (she is a new writer transitioning to starting a blog).
Stay tuned for more information about Beechcon and how you can make sure you don’t miss your opportunity to experience it.  Because it’s not about forming cliques. It is about coming together.
For more on Beechcon and the personal experiences of the other attendees please visit:
This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.