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Links & Things: TGIF


I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for the weekend as I am this weekend.  It has been a long busy week at our house as we count down the days until the Road Warrior’s 2nd daughter’s wedding in the British Virgin Islands.  In true ‘ Our Big Busy Life‘ form we are also hosting an important Board dinner 3 days before that and a special birthday party 2 days after we return.  If you want to keep up be sure to follow me on Instagram or join the TMD Facebook page where I will no doubt be asking your opinion on many things.

For your reading pleasure

I loved seeing this tongue in cheek Adoption announcement from Photographer Kelli Higgins.  It really celebrates the older child adoption with good old fashioned humor.

My child is in a mental hospital and no one cares, really made me pause. I have a friend who recently posted about this on Facebook and I didn’t say a word. Not a word.  I didn’t know what to say.  This article gave me the words.

How to do less & influence more {Relevant Magazine}—because isn’t that what we all want to do?

If you are a writer (or an aspiring one) you must read these writing tips from Blogger Jeff Goins.

I still can’t get used to how small she is vs how big the horse is…

For your shopping pleasure

Did you know that in 5-7 days you could have your instagram or hipstomatic photograph imprinted on a chocolate bar?  I’m contemplating doing this for Pixie’s upcoming Candyland Birthday party. Do you think that would be cute or too over the top?


Holiday Ideas & Party Inspiration

I really like this Glampout Birthday Party idea {Kara’s Party ideas}


Enjoy your weekend!

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February Beauty Picks 2013

I often get asked about my favorite beauty products, so I’ve decided to start sharing my  favorite new finds or long time favorites with you each month.


A Healthy Deodorant


This month I was really excited to try Lavanila Laboratories Vanilla Passion Fruit Healthy Deodorant ($18). I am always on the search for a natural deodorant that can keep me feeling cool and confident.  What I like about Lavanila’s deodorants is that they contain no aluminum, petrochemicals, phthalates, Propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone, synthetic dyes, sulfates, or parabens.   However, the true test of any deodorant is whether it works.  If you’ve ever tried to move to an all natural healthier alternative you’ve probably encountered a few deodorant failures of your own.  It’s not pretty. 

Although a touch up of deodorant was required on my more active days, one application did carry me through on less active days. I think I’ve finally found my healthy deodorant—and it works!


A Fragrance with Natural Aphrodisiacs


Also from Lavanila Laboratories is the  Vanilla Passion Fruit fragrance ($58) with Natural Anti-oxidants.  According to the box, “This love-attracting fragrance is infused with a romantic blend of natural aphrodisiacs”  which makes it the perfect fragrance to try for Valentine’s Day!

I don’t usually switch up my fragrances too often.  I’m more a  fan of the  ‘signature fragrance’  (the one you are known for always wearing) but I did find myself switching it up this month with the Vanilla Passion Fruit fragrance.  I have to admit it was fun to try something new and it did get the Road Warrior’s attention.


An end to dry legs!

No one likes to have dry lizard legs, especially if you live in Florida where shorts are worn year round.  For most of my life I’ve used body lotion to try to combat my dry skin.   The O Mega body Oil from Mama Mio is applied to slightly damp skin, right out of the shower!  It’s a healthier alternative to lotions because it contains no carriers or emollients.

The body oil contains:

  • Sweet almond oil (full of Omega 3, 6, 9) which is highly moisturizing and absorbs quickly without a greasy residue.
  • Jojoba Seed oil (closest to your skin’s own sebum) is rich in Omega 3 and is helpful for healing and maintaining a healthy appearance.
  • Argan oil (one of the rarest oils in the world) helps to nourish, moisturize and improve skin’s elasticity.
  • Safflower Seed Oil rich in Omega 6) is super-moisturizing and also helps to improve skin elasticity and strength.
  • Vitamin E is a natural healer and excellent antioxidant.

I love that I can use this in place of body lotion.  After using the O Mega Body oil ($35) my skin doesn’t seem to dry out as quickly as before and my skin looks and feels amazing.   Don’t be afraid of the word OIL—it’s really not greasy.


A way to extend that blow-dry


I’ve been a subscriber to GLOSSYBOX  for three months now.  Although I’ve liked many of the products I’ve received,  the Living Proof Prime Style Extender ($20) is by far my favorite new find.

It generally takes me an hour and a half to blow dry my hair so anything that will extend my time in-between blow dries gets my attention.  Not only did the Prime Style Extender help my hair last longer between blow dries, but it looked and felt great too!

I truly think every girl needs to have this in her bathroom! As any hair stylist will tell you,the longer you can go between washes, the better that is for your hair…



Have you tried any of the products I’ve written about this month?  I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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5 reasons to stay at South Seas Resort in Captiva

This past week the Beech Conference was held in Captiva Island at the South Seas Island Resort.  Our family loves this resort and so when I heard that the Beech Conference was going to be held there, I knew there was no way I was attending  without my family.  As if my children would ever allow that anyway.

Marina at South Seas Resort in Captiva Island


5 Reasons families should stay at South Seas Resort in Captiva Island

 Saraya at South Seas Resort, Captiva Island

There are many different types of accommodations in various price points.

No matter the size of your family (or budget) you can most likely find the perfect room type for you.  The first time we stayed at South Seas we rented their 2 bedroom Beach Cottage.  Although it was nice, we realized that we prefer being closer to the main pool.  This time we rented a private house and were spoiled by having extra space, our own pool & hot tub along with close proximity to the main pool and Marina.

Catching Fish Captiva Island, Florida ~ @KarinKath

There is no shortage of things to do, it’s impossible to be bored.  

The resort offers a wide variety of resort activities.   This year our kids enjoyed fishing for the first time (off the T-Dock) and our twin boys had their first sailing lesson.  There are also 2 pools (1 with a fun slide), a Kids’ club, a must-do Scavenger Hunt, arcade, put-put golf, 9-hole golf course, kayaking, a nature center along with a variety of daily activities that you can drop in on or sign up for.

Fishing in Captiva Island


The sunsets are amazing and so are the cocktails.

South Seas Resort Sunset


The shells you can find on the beach are incredible. 

If you venture off property be sure to visit the Shell Museum (in nearby Sanibel) so you can have a better appreciation of the shells you will find.  We like to take a laminated shell card with us to the beach so that we can identify the shells we find.


The family memories you make will keep you coming back for more. 

There are some places you visit just once, and other places that keep you coming back for more.  Captiva Island is like that.  South Seas Resort is like that.  One visit will undoubtedly have you hooked.  This is the place that family memories are made and traditions begin.

Kids with 1,000 piece puzzle

 Other places to visit in Sanibel/Captiva Island

The Bubble Room is an institution in Captiva. It’s known for it’s quirky atmosphere and cake.  The Road Warrior would like you to know that it doesn’t offer milk shakes.  Don’t say he didn’t warn you.  I highly recommend the Napoleon Bonaparte sandwich and the Red Velvet Cake.

The Shell Museum in Sanibel is truly worth a stop.  They have a fantastic display of shells, including Sailor’s Valentines.   A visit to the Shell Museum will give you a better appreciation of the shells that you find on the beach and the ability to identify them and impress your friends and family!

The Mucky Duck is a fun place and worth the wait.  Sit outside (open seating) and take in the sunset and warm weather.


This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Links & Things: Blog Conference Edition

This week I’m in Captiva Island with the family for the first  Beech Retreat. This conference was limited to 100 attendees and is the mastermind of fellow homeschooling mom (and friend) Jenn who writes Daze of Adventure.  Jenn has worked tirelessly for the past year to make this a memorable conference for all attendees and she even managed to snag  Michael Hyatt and Crystal Paine (Money Saving Mom) for keynotes!

You can follow along on Twitter or Instagram to see how I’m doing at the Conference.

Every year I think this will be the year I STOP attending blog conferences…and then I find myself signing up for them again.  This year I’ve decided that I will make my own goals for attending blog conferences and not get caught up in what everyone else thinks my goals should be.  We all travel life on different paths and I’m learning to be content with the path that I’m on.
My goal isn’t to monetize my blog. I want to develop my craft as a writer and grow my readership. I want to open the door to new experiences.  That’s enough for me.

Blog Conferences I’m attending in 2013:

This year Blissdom 2013 is moving to Texas and I’m proud to announce that I have been selected as a Community Leader again this year.  Blissdom was the first blogging conference I ever attended and it holds a special place in my heart.

Mom 2.0
I registered for this conference in Florida last year and had to cancel.  I like the idea of attending a conference on another coast.  Some of my favorite bloggers are from the West Coast and I’m hoping they’ll be attending this conference as well.


What I’ve read this week:

Artists and Influencers: They’re teaching me about writing {Chatting at the Sky}


How I’ll know to stop writing about my daughter —I couldn’t agree more!


I really appreciated this post. As I head out to my first Blog Conference of the year it’s a good reminder to Reject the tyranny of being picked {Seth Godin}



This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.