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The Diapers have left the building

I have been changing diapers for almost a decade.

The first time I became a mother it was to TWIN BOYS.

So, there has rarely been a time when I haven’t had at least

two children in diapers, and sometimes even three.



Now I have none.


It all started when our youngest child set a family record and became fully potty trained at age 2.

After 5 children and my adventures in Potty Training, I can tell you that they potty train when they’re ready to.


Whether you’re ready for it or not.

Stinky diapers and my Gag Reflex aside, I’m finding this new phase of our life to be bittersweet.

Maybe it’s the infertility talking, but I’m finding it hard to fathom that we are done.

Done changing diapers.

Done having babies.

We’re moving on to the next phase of parenthood.

Gone are the industrial size Costco Wipes, Diaper Pails, Diapers and Diaper bags.


The Diapers have left the building, and I’m still in shock.

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The Best Soup and Sandwich Set EVER

If you love Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches as much as I do, then you’ll really love these Soup and Sandwich Set from Uncommon Goods.

There are so many uses for these plate outside of the traditional Soup & Sandwich.    I think I’ve just discovered my new favorite Housewarming Gift Idea.

Can you think of any other great uses for this dish set?  We have 8 of these, but I’m considering expanding my collection to 13 (always get an extra dish or two to cover breakage).

Also check out these Soup and Cracker bowls; also from Uncommon Goods.

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Links & Things: Project Free Weekend Edition

Growing up, the weekends meant household projects for my parents with a morning ballet class  for me or afternoon t-ball game for my youngest brother.  Occasionally, we broke routine and went on a fishing trip or took visiting relatives to Walt Disney World.  Because of this I’ve noticed that I view the weekends as a time for projects, while  the Road Warrior views weekends as family relaxation time.

Because I’m trying  to embrace the word: RELAX in 2013 I’m going to give it a try this weekend—-my two page project list be darned!   Will it make me more productive and refreshed come Monday morning? Will I accomplish the same amount in a smaller amount of time because of this?  Or will I come to my senses and realize what I’ve been missing out on all these weekends?

I don’t know.

I’m curious how you spend your weekends, is it the largely the same or entirely different from those of your childhood?  Please leave a comment and let me know.


What I want you to know:  Foster Parenting is hard {Rage Against the Mini Van}


One last chance {sellabitmom}If you’ve ever struggled with getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy, or know someone who has.  This read is for you.


We plan to make these, this weekend: Malted Milk Rice Crispy Treats {Cookies & Cups}…actually, it’s a toss up between those and the Carmelita Cookies.

My friend (and personal trainer) Suzanne Bowen has started offering streaming workouts on her website, Suzanne Bowen Fitness.  You can watch her workouts on virtually any device with an internet connection! This is amazing and takes away any excuse I may have had in the past for not working out.  Which, now that I think about it, might not be so amazing for me! (I kid).  Suzanne is as beautiful inside as she is out and I desperately want her abs.  Check out her website and get 50% off the first month by using the code “tryme”


We received these amazing ribs from Montgomery Inn Restaurant as a Christmas gift.  I cannot tell you how delicious they are and I never thought I was much of a ribs fan before.    I recently sent a shipment to my sisters  and ordered a few more racks for this weekend.  They are fabulous. If you love ribs you should try them out.  Seriously.  Feel free to use coupon code JANRIBS and save 10% off your order placed before February 28, 2013.


Oh, and in case you were wondering. I see the irony in my telling you my favorite place to order ribs while providing links to the sugary desserts that I plan on whipping up this weekend, and  telling you about Suzanne’s streaming workouts. I see the irony and I have no comment.


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Review: People who eat darkness

I’ll admit that People who eat darkness is a dark book and tragic tale.  I put it on my list of books to read in 2013 and I finished it in 2 days.  It sucked me in from the first Chapter.  It reads like a suspense novel, only unfortunately it is very much a true story.

When I was a model I often heard of girls going to Japan to work as a hostess.  You would hear various stories of what hostessing meant in Japan but the one story that remained the same was that the money was very good and easy to make.

The book centers around Lucie Blackman; a young  middle class British girl who traveled to Tokyo with a childhood friend in search of easy money (to pay off her debts) and adventure.  Once there she found the money was not so easy to make (or save due to her living expenses), but did find adventure, romance and an untimely violent death.

Author, Richard Loyd Parry, gives a highly detailed and suspenseful account of the details leading up to and surrounding Lucie Blackman’s disappearance and the lengthy trial following her death.  Parry, who was a journalist living in Japan gives quite a bit of background information to help the reader understand the culture, laws and mindset of those living and working in Roppongi.

Although I’ve never been a hostess in Japan, I do recall the lure in my youth to travel to exotic locations.  It’s easy to see how someone so young & searching for adventure could find herself in a foreign country and dangerous circumstances.

As a parent my heart breaks for the parents who lost their children.  There are still young women traveling to Japan to work as hostesses from all over the world.

Perhaps they should read this book first?


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Links & Things: Farewell 2012 Edition

The start of a new year brings a lot of year in review and resolutions posts in the blog-o-sphere, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites in this week’s edition of Links & Things .  You can also read about the word I’m embracing for 2013 and what I plan to read this year.



Year in Review Posts

Worst, Weirdest and Grossest Parenting of 2012 {Scary Mommy}

2012 a year in pictures {Hollywood Housewife}


Resolutions/Words for 2013

I choose whatever is lovely in 2013 {Jenny on the Spot)

Trying to fail better {The Girl Who}

My Favorite Posts from  2012

Spa Party

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What I’ve learned about Adoption 2 years later

A very Merry Unbirthday Party

7 Questions that scare me and 3 for fun


Trophy Moms on Facebook

This week I asked the question: what do you do for YOURSELF and how often?  It’s not too late to join in on the discussion and find out what other Moms are doing (or not doing).  Some of the comments are very inspiring to me.


Hope your New Year is off to a strong start.

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