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What I plan to read in 2013

Last year  Jeff Ryan set a goal of reading a book day for 2012.  I’m obviously not going to set a goal of  reading 366 books in 366 days but I did want to start 2013 with being intentional about my reading goals.

I simply want to read the books I have on this list by the end of 2013.   My list is rather broad. I’m very eclectic in my reading tastes.  Many of these books have been languishing in “to read” pile for longer than I care to remember.   It feels good to start off 2013 with a neat little list of what I’m going to make time to read.

Of course I know that 2013 will bring its own interesting reads and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to squeeze them in.  If not, there is always 2014.


My Reading List for 2013



Writing Down the Bones:  Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg


Platform: Get noticed in a Noisy World



What remains:  A Memoir of Fate, Friendship & Love by Carole Radziwill


As nature made him: the boy who was raised a girl


Cinderella ate my daughter

Raising a daughter after  God’s own Heart

The Blessing: Giving the gift of unconditional love and acceptance

Busy but balanced: Practical and Inspirational ways to create a calmer, closer family


How Children Succeed

 The Core: Teaching your child the foundations of a classical education

Never too early to write

Nonfiction Matters: Reading, Writing, and research in grades 3-8


Augusta, Gone


Non Fiction

People who eat darkness


Case Histories

Described as a smart thriller, Kate Atkinson is said to write thrillers that keep you up to see what happens next. The last book I read that did that was called, “Gone Girl” and every book has seemed like a let down since.

Safe Haven

The Middlesteins

What the Nanny Saw by Fiona Neill


The Holy Bible NIV

Every year I swear this is the year that I’m going to read the entire bible and every year I fail. This year, I’m going to get my act together and attempt to follow the Bible in 90 days plan.

The power of words and the wonder of God

Finding God’s Path through your trials by Elizabeth George

There isn’t a book by Elizabeth George that I don’t love.  This title caught my heart.

Unglued: Making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions

A year of Biblical womanhood by Rachel Held Evans

The book is controversial for sure, however something about it intrigues me.  I think it will be an entertaining read while I am reading my way through the bible.

Constantly Craving by Marilyn Meberg

I purchased this book at the recent Women of Faith Conference.  If you’ve never heard Marilyn speak you are truly missing out on some humor.  This book really struck me because I’ve noticed that I am constantly trying to do more, achieve more and when I reach the goal I rarely enjoy it before setting the next goal.  This has been a pattern in my life and it leaves me feeling exhausted and oftentimes discontented, when I should be grateful.


I cannot recall if I’ve ever read either of the books below, but I’ve had them on my shelf and I am determined to read 2 classics this year.  Of course I also bought The Odyssey, thanks to the encouragement of Edie, however I am too intimidated by the book.  I think I’m going to start small for now.

East of Eden

To Kill a mockingbird

What books are you planning to read in 2013? Do you have any suggestions for me?

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Links & Things: Post Holiday Round Up

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas holiday with your family.  The picture above was taken on Christmas morning at our home.  We wear matching pajamas to bed Christmas Eve, put on Santa hats in the morning and most of us wear the pajamas all day.  I’ll let you guess who in our family wears the Christmas Pajamas all day long and who gets dressed first.

The links are short and sweet this week (and late, I had it in draft and didn’t post, my bad).

Technology & Apps

This year the Sweet Road Warrior blessed me with a Mac Airbook. I’ve been on a Windows system for the past 13 years. I’m a little intimidated but excited about learning my way around the my new Airbook. If you were also blessed with a new Mac you may want to check out: Set up and Get to know your new Mac {Lifehacker} and we can compare notes later.

I’m somewhat addicted to Photo Apps.  Pixlr-o-matic PLUS is my latest download.



Corporate Gifts can be hit or miss. My absolute FAVORITE corporate gift of all time was the Montgomery Inn Ribs and BBQ Sauce we received from one of the Road Warrior’s clients.  I’ve never really been obsessed with ribs, however that changed after I tasted these.  I have put them on my speed dial.



On The Trophy Mom Diaries Facebook page we are discussing if you make New Years’ Resolutions AND if you could embrace ONE word or Spiritual Gift (Fruit of the Spirit) what would it be?



I didn’t kill my instagram account after they changed a few of their policies. I shared some holiday decorations, our front door, the new addition to our home who is a real doll (no really, it’s a doll) and the Christmas lights I’m going to miss.




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Links & Things: Holiday Gift Edition

I’m officially ready for the holidays.  The shopping is done, the presents are wrapped, the house is decorated,  the Christmas Party we hosted for children in Foster Care was thrown, and my sister is coming to spend Christmas with us!  My heart couldn’t be any happier or more ready to soak it all in.


If you haven’t finished your shopping here are some great gift ideas:

20 Favorite Monthly Gift Subscriptions {Simple Designs} is the blog post that I’ve been meaning to write…and then some. I think monthly gift subscriptions done right, are an amazing gift.

Looking for last minute funny stocking stuffers or White Elephant gift party ideas?  I love Archie McPhee where you’ll find great finds like Bacon Toothpaste (Paleo Diet friends?) Bacon Floss, and Pickle Candycanes for the expectant mother’s on your shopping list.

Need some more ideas?  Check out my Pinterest Board:  “Gifts for those with Everything


Holiday Traditions:

Looking for something fun to do with your kids?  I really like Mini-van Express Night (think Polar Express) {Confessions of a Homeschooler}

Most thought provoking/heart breaking read:

I am Adam Lanza’s Mother { Gawker}

Best Quote I’ve read all week:

The key to being productive and creative are to work the hours that are best for you.” Ah-ha!


Funniest Video I’ve seen all week:

Which is really saying something after my latest post about Instagram.  Trust me, after you watch this video you’ll never post pics of your food or feet again! Ha!

Funniest Cartoon I’ve seen all week:

In anticipation of spending the holidays with no agenda, I will limit my posting only once a week until after the New Year.  If you subscribe to my feed you won’t miss a beat.


Merry Christmas! 

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