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Beauty Review: Mud’s Cake Eyeliner

I have a new item in my make-up bag that I think you need in yours.  It’s Mud’s Cake Eyeliner and it’s amazing.  I may never go back to the pencil eyeliner again.

You can use it on your eyebrows and to line your eyes.  It is water activated and goes on smoothly and precisely.  You can adjust the thickness of the line simply by the brush you use, angle you use it and the pressure applied.  I like the eyeliner brush.

Between my new eye lash extensions and this eyeliner looking like a Trophy Mom suddenly got easier.


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Eyelash Extensions: Everything you wanted to know

Eyelash extensions are very popular in my  neck of the woods.  Basically, if you want longer lashes and  you’re too impatient for Latisse, then you get eyelash extensions.

I contemplated Latisse for about 2 minutes. Impatient, much?


My Before Photo

I must really have grown as a person if I’m posting a picture of me without make-up and with my gray hairs showing.  Either that or I’m desperate for a blog post.  Let’s just say that I’ve grown as a person, shall we?  

I would say my natural lashes are average. I don’t have to curl them, so that’s a plus.


The Process

After a brief discussion about the lash length you desire (I went for medium), tape is applied to your eyes.

A single eyelash extension is applied to each individual eyelash.  The technician uses a blower to help dry the adhesive and you keep your eyes closed until the end.

My eyelash extensions took one hour.  I was comfortable except for a slight burning feeling occasionally. That went away quickly and my eyes were not red afterwards.


Do’s and Don’ts

Do make sure that your technician is a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician.

Do ask what adhesive they use (should not be formaldehyde) with surgical glue being the preferred method.

Do ask to see your choice in sizes (they vary considerably) and consider a  (free) consultation before committing

Don’t go to anyone who offers you cluster eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are a single lash applied to each individual eyelash

Don’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours.

Don’t try to remove them yourself. You can damage/break your own lashes. Always have them professionally removed.


After Photos:


I think the best way to show the effect of eyelash extensions is without make-up. Because everyone looks amazing with make-up, right?

The Pros of Eyelash Extensions:

  • You have amazing eyelashes
  • You don’t have to wear mascara (ever) which also means you don’t have to remove mascara and deal with Raccoon eyes when you don’t do it properly.
  • Even when you’re not made up you look a bit more pulled together.
  • Your eyelashes look the same all day, no matter what.  Sweating at the gym? No problem! Fresh out of the pool? Ditto.

The Cons of Eyelash Extensions:

  • They’re certainly not free. There is an expense involved and although the price can vary, it certainly costs more than 10 tubes of mascara.
  • Your eyes feel heavy the first couple hours of putting them on.
  •  Your eyes become a bit more high maintenance.  Washing your face is  different experience, you have to be gentle around the eye area and the lashes feel a little stiff. No rubbing your eyes!

The Road Warrior’s Opinion

My husband was initially not really a fan of the lashes. However on the 2nd day he told me he did like that I looked more pulled together even when I did nothing.  I think that might have not been a compliment.

By day three he was liked them more.  One might say they were growing on him!  Ha!  However  I was also making more of an effort in the looking more pulled together department, so that might have swayed him too.


My Final opinion:

When you do wear make-up with these lashes you look AMAZING.  Some women use mascara on the bottom lashes. I skip it altogether now.  After a week I’m used to the small things that bothered me initially (washing my face differently, being more cautious with my eyes).  They shorten my time getting ready and help me to feel more put together.  While I don’t think they are something I’d keep up with year round (I’m thinking of taking summers off), I’m really enjoying having them now and I’m looking forward to my touch up session.



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A Very Merry UnBirthday Party

 Posie  turned 7 this year and to celebrate we threw her
a Very Merry UnBirthday party!
Guests were greeted by a Cast of Characters that included: a favorite friend (as Alice), Mommy  (Queen of Hearts), Daddy (the Mad Hatter), her twin brothers were Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (of course), Bean (formerly known as little sister) was herself with a tiny Mad Hatter hat and Pixie (formerly known as Cutie Pie) was the boss of everyone!


The children played our version of croquet, had a Scavenger Hunt for the Rabbit’s Pocket Watch, and had fun breaking a Cheshire Cat Pinata while the Queen of Hearts looked on and shouted, “Off with it’s head!”

Hand-stamped Muslin Treat bags for pinata game

Eat me/Drink Me

Taking lines from the book the party was set with a large table outside the front door of the house.  The tablescape included objects and characters from the book.

The Cake

For most kids the most important part of any birthday party is the cake.  As such I didn’t want the cake to disappoint. I wanted it to be whimsical and fun. I wanted to incorporate all of the birthday girl’s favorite colors and just generally be a cake that truly was one that she would love. I think we pulled it off!
Having a 7 of Hearts cookie card tucked into the Cheshire Cat’s Tail was a fun detail to celebrate the Birthday Girl.



Photo Prop Resources:

Mad Hatter Hat Craft:

Mad Hatter Top Hat template part II
Instructions for assembling hat



Drink me Straws




Alice in Wonderland wood cut outs

Alice in Wonderland Die Cut Pocket Watches

Cheshire Cat Pinata

Alice in Wonderland Door knocker

For DIY jobs involving cardstocks you’ll want to refer download Paperweight explained chart

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Beauty Review: Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray

As a mother of 5 I don’t have a lot of spare time on my hands. I don’t know very many moms of any number of children who do.

I’m not ashamed to tell you that once I manage to pull myself together in the morning, it has to last all day.  There is no time in my schedule for wardrobe changes or makeup touch ups.  Especially since putting on makeup in the morning seems to really require a lot of effort.  Effort I don’t usually bother making unless the Road Warrior is home.  There, I’ve said it.  Southern women can start shaking their heads and clicking their tongues now.

Living in Florida also has some challenges (in addition to a lot of blessings).  So when Skindinavia said they wanted to send me a sample of their Make-up Finishing spray (and offer one for a giveaway) I was game. Especially since it’s hypoallergenic and paraben free.

Why you need to start using Make-Up Finishing Spray:

What does finishing spray do for you? It gives your makeup a more dewy look which is youthful.  it also helps extend your makeup up to 16 hours. My goal as 9 and it did that so I’m happy.


How to use make-up finishing spray:

Before mascara, close your eyes and  spray in an “X” and “T” 2-4 times.


Where to buy online:

 Skindinavia website



Would you like to enter to win a free bottle of Skindinavia Make-Up Finishing Spray?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary 4fl oz bottle of Skindinavia for review purposes and 1 bottle to offer a reader in a giveaway. The opinions are my own and no additional compensation was received.

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Cooking in My Kitchen: The Slow Cooker Addition

After reading how adjusting a recipe doesn’t make it yours I am a bit reluctant to post recipes on my blog.  I know that I’m not a food blogger by any stretch of the imagination, but still I like to follow the rules as best I can understand them. 

I’m contemplating a new series where I share the recipes that I’m trying out in our home. I’m a newbie with the slow cooker (AKA Crock Pot).  Other than Turkey  Chili I’ve never used it to prepare a meal.  

With my new schedule from my 2nd job as a Chauffeur to my children, I think it’s time I embrace what many women before me have probably long known—-the ease and magic of preparing meals in a crock pot.

I cannot say enough fantastic things about this meal.  The smell alone was enough to send me to heaven and back…and it tasted even better. Try it. You’ll love it.

Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder Tacos

Adapted from Slow-Cooked Carnitas Tacos / Bon Appetit April 2008

3 lb pork shoulder 

2 tsp Kosher Salt

3 tsp Fresh Black Pepper

2 tsp Dried Oregano

1 Bay leaf

2 cups of chicken broth

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 Jalapeno

juice from 1 lime

2 Tablespoons cumin

1 large onion (quartered)

1 avocado


 Optional Toppings

shredded mexican cheese


Sour cream



Mix Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, and oregano in a bowl.

Rub olive oil and spice mixture (above) onto Pork.

Place pork into slow cooker.

Top with chopped Jalapeno, onion, and squeeze fresh lime juice on top.

Cover slow cooker and cook on HIGH for 3 hours

Transfer pork to cutting board and shred (separate onions if you prefer)

Warm tortillas as directed

Create platter with pork and toppings &  serve

You can also check out my Pinterest Boards:  Crockery, Recipes to Try, cooking with kids, and Kid Friendly food.

What have you cooked in your slow cooker lately? 

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