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3 Books For Christian Women

While I was on my 10-day  Sabbatical in the Maldive Islands I spent a lot of time reading.  There were 3 books that I read while I was away that I have been encouraging my friends and family to read.  
They were that good.  

My own Worst Enemy: How to stop holding yourself back by Janet Davis

Spiritual Warfare for Women: Winning the battle for your home, family and friends by Leighann McCoy

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Spiritual Warfare for women

Spiritual Warfare is real.  I’ve heard about it and experienced it.  Yet, I sort of behave like an ostrich and want to stick my head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Spiritual Warfare for women: Winning the battle for your home, family and friends was eye opening and spiritually changing for me.  My faith and understanding grew by reading this book and diving deeper into the scripture.

This book exposes the enemy for who he is (a liar) and gives detailed examples of how he specifically targets women (our marriages, our children, friendships with other women, health, and our church) and what we can do to combat the lies in our own heads and stand firm in our knowledge of God and who we are in Christ. I particularly loved that each chapter ends with scripture to look up and questions to ask yourself, scripture to memorize, and a prayer. 

 I read this book with a highlighter in hand and suggest that you do too.

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3 Ways to Please Picky Little Eaters

At the risk of my Road Warrior Husband (AKA as Big Daddy) laughing hysterically over the fact that I dare to post an advice article geared towards preparing foods for picky little eaters, I will do so anyway.

Because, if not I, then who?

 After 5 kids it would be a shame if I didn’t learn a trick or two.  Or in this case, 3.


 Jessica Seinfeld encouraged mothers to sneak vegetable puree into their children’s food and desserts via her cookbook, Deceptively Delicious and before her was the Sneaky Chef.  Now I’d like to make myself the Sandra Lee  (Semi Homemade) of Toddler foods by encouraging you to take the easy way out of doing the above by using these Mommy Helpers.

Nurturme offers dried organic fruits and veggies in convenient pouches.  They are gluten free, with no added salts, sugars, colors or preservatives.

Our favorite recipes taken from the website are:

Hearty Sweet Potato Pancakes
Prepare pancake batter (or follow boxed instructions)
add 2 puches of Hearty Sweet Potatoes and stir
Add 2/3 cups water and stir
Prepare pancakes on a hot griddle and serve warm
Plump Peas Froggy Pasta
Prepare pasta according to directions (we like angel hair)
To make sauce: combine 1-2 pouches of plump peas with 1/3 cup whole milk, then stir
Slowly pour sauce over pasta to desired consistency


It seems every Mama I know is going crazy about GogoSqueez but my favorite thing to do with GogoSqueez fruit is to make fruit leathers in my Excalibur Dehydrator.  You can use any of the 5 flavors of applesauce pouches to create quick and tasty fruit leathers.  I don’t even mind making it because it’s such a quick and NEAT process—no big kitchen mess to clean up!


  1. Line your dehydrator with a plastic sheet for fruit leathers
  2. Squirt the GogoSqueez around the center of the liner and spread so it is 1/4 inch thick at edges.
  3. Dehydrate for 3-4 hours at 135 degrees
  4.  Eat

I have no idea how to tell you store the leathers because ours don’t last that long.  However, I’ve read that you can wait until it cools, lay plastic wrap over the top and peel and roll the fruit leather.

You can order GogoSqueez on and set up a subscription (using Amazon Prime for free shipping) so that you never have to worry about running out!


Living in Sunny Florida we tend to enjoy a sweet treat.  My kids and I are now CRAZY over our Yonanas Machine. If there was stock in this thing, The Road Warrior would have bought it by now, as we’ve caused so many people to buy one…and given several as gifts.

Yonanas is the next best thing to soft serve ice cream.  Using just frozen bananas and a mix of your other favorite frozen fruits you can create a delicious cold dessertThe machine is LOUD (which makes it hard to sneak a treat without others knowing) but easy to clean and simple to use.  You truly have to taste one and you’ll be hooked.  The company website has other recipes to try for more elaborate desserts, but we tend to stick with just the traditional Yonanas.

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My Own Worst Enemy: A Book Review

My own Worst Enemy: How to stop holding yourself back by Janet Davis really speaks to the heart of women.  How many times have you thought, “Just who do you think you are?” 
 According to Speaker and Author Janet Davis, women often find the biggest obstacle to being all they were created to be by God is…themselves.  Is this you?
 Through personal stories of modern women, shared lessons from her own life, and stories from women in the bible Janet Davis explains how every woman (even you, even me) is called to shine for God’s kingdom and how we can break the destructive patterns that prevent us from living out our purpose in God’s kingdom and feel fulfilled.  So many areas of this book spoke to me personally, it would be impossible to pick a favorite section so instead I will share an outline.
The book  starts out by describing 3 different “faces” that we may choose to wear:
The Unimagined Life
The Unworthy Life
The Unlived Life
The titles say it all, don’t they?
Then the phases:
Identity (who you are in Christ)
Creativity (conformity vs uniqueness)
Shining (Recoiling vs radiance—being a light)
Then our choices:
Choosing vulnerability
Choosing to say no
Choosing to tell your story
Choosing to re-create in the midst of loss
Choosing to persevere in the midst of injustice
Choosing to Grow up
Choosing to Say yes to God

After reading this book I felt encouraged to live more authentically,  without fear of rejection or shame. I also felt inspired to dive deeper into scripture and study more women of the bible, particularly those whose stories mirrored my struggles and heartaches.

If you’ve ever struggled with finding your voice, living authentically or had feelings of wanting to do something GREAT for the Kingdom but not acting on it…this book is for you.

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Dear Readers,

I am in the Maldives Islands.  It was a sudden and unexpected trip, but a sabbatical was needed and my sweet Road Warrior Husband arranged it for me.

I will be back in the United States to finish my 10 Day Series next week.  I apologize for the delay but I promise it will be worth the wait.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.