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National Tooth Fairy Day and the cost of baby teeth

February 28th is recognized as National Tooth Fairy Day in the United States.  In the US, and  many countries across the world, the Tooth Fairy makes nightly visits to children who have lost their baby teeth leaving behind a trail of money, sweets and sometimes a bit of fairy dust, under their pillow.

However, with each generation it seems the Tooth Fairy’s tradition has become more elaborate and expensive.  Teeth that once were just tucked under a child’s pillow at night are now left in special Tooth Fairy pillows like these on Etsy.

What is the origin of the Tooth Fairy?

Throughout history people of all origins have shared traditions, stories and legends about the loss of baby teeth.

The Vikings believed that children’s teeth ( strung onto necklaces or incorporated into jewelry) had magical powers that helped them be successful in battle.

In Early Europe it was tradition to bury a child’s baby tooth.  This was meant to prevent witches or evil spirits from using the teeth for voodoo or to cast spells. After a child’s 6th tooth fell out it was customary in Northern Europe to give money.   This was referred to as a “tooth fee” and is recorded in writings as early as the Eddas.

What is the going rate for a baby tooth?

Generally the amount left tucked under a pillow is determined by several factors including: country, economic status, and peer pressure.  A 2011 study found that American children receive $2.60 per tooth on average.  Yet many families in my area leave $5-10 per tooth!

These families are particularly shocked to know that we have never celebrated the Tooth Fairy in our home. I’m not sure why.  I certainly don’t have anything against it.  

In thinking about it for this post I believe it’s because my children are so excited just to lose a tooth, that there hasn’t been a need for us to offer an outside reward.  For them, losing a tooth means they are growing up, and so far that is exciting enough.

How do you celebrate lost baby teeth in your home?  How much does the Tooth Fairy pay your children for their baby teeth?
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Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration Kick Off on March 2nd

Dr. Seuss is a family favorite in our household.  Who hasn’t fallen in love with a Dr. Seuss book or character?  
 In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, on March 2nd, several bloggers will share fun learning activities based upon favorite Dr. Seuss Books.

Please help spread the word by tweeting a link to this post and come back on March 2nd to  join in on the fun!
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Review: The adventures of Molly & Emmett

Pumpkin started reading this school year, but for some reason, if she isn’t reading one of her “early reader” books, she seems to automatically assume she cannot read it.  I want to encourage her but I also know that I cannot pressure her either. I want her to have a love of reading after all.

 The adventures of Molly and Emmett by Marylin Hafner seemed like a good place to start.  Especially since there was a Molly and Emmett toy to go along with the book, which believe me, I used to scoff at the way books were marketed to children with a toy.  However, I’ve since changed my mind. I’d much rather have my child collect literary characters than cartoon characters, wouldn’t you?  It absolutely makes sense that a child who loves books or a particular book, would want a plush toy/doll of their favorite character.

The adventures of Molly and Emmett is presented  as a collection of comic book strip style stories, ranging from 1-2 pages.  Because of this, it isn’t really a Read-aloud, so much as a book to encourage independent reading.  This was exactly what Pumpkin needed to gain confidence.

And of course she really loved the Molly and Emmett toy too.

Disclaimer:A complimentary review copy of the book and toys were provided by the publisher. As always, the review itself and my opinions are my own. I do not publish reviews on products I either do not like or believe are of value to my readers and other parents.

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Beechcon 2012

Beechcon stands for: Blogging to encourage and equip Christian homeschoolers. The idea was conceived 3 years ago by Maggie Hogan (Bright Ideas Press) and Jenn (Daze of Adventure).
A select group of women (how on earth did I get included?) were invited to come and experience an idea and help determine if it was something that could become a conference in 2013.
I’m told the names were prayerfully considered.  I believe it to be true for two reasons. First, how else would I have been invited if not for God intervening on my behalf?  
The second reason is that the entire weekend was filled with God moments…and laughter…and chocolate…and exposed souls, joined hearts…and tons and tons of sharing.  Real life sharing of marketing, SEO and business tactics.  
Imagine your best friend taking you under her wing and telling you all her secrets. Yeah, it was like that.  For real.
For me it was an opportunity to finally meet those I only knew online: Jimmie, Jolanthe, and Maggie.
Then, I had an opportunity to meet those that I should have known all along on line…and one that I cannot wait to get online (she is a new writer transitioning to starting a blog).
Stay tuned for more information about Beechcon and how you can make sure you don’t miss your opportunity to experience it.  Because it’s not about forming cliques. It is about coming together.
For more on Beechcon and the personal experiences of the other attendees please visit:
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Blissdom & New Mommy Matters Blog Survey

Dear Readers,
I am on my way to Blissdom in Nashville and I cannot wait to get there and connect with other attendees as community leader, see friends, make new friends and learn more about what it takes to build my craft and knowledge as a writer/blogger.
While I’m gone you can follow along for updates about my  Blissdom experience on Twitter and Tumblr
If you are attending Blissdom please give me a shout out on Twitter as I’d love to connect with you.

In the meantime, I would appreciate it so much if you would take the Mommy Matters Blog Reader Survey.

I have decided to make a few changes to my blogs this year and your input would help me greatly.

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