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How to create a household inventory

This past summer I celebrated my 11th year of marriage.  During our marriage I have lived in 6 different residences with my husband.  In all of my married life I must admit that I’ve never once properly cataloged our household items for insurance purposes.    Have you?  Thankfully our family has never suffered a major loss due to fire or natural disaster.  We’ve had our share of loss and trials but nothing on a very large scale. Nothing that would have required me to have my affairs in order for insurance purposes. But why continue to risk it?

Now that we are (thankfully) back in our home I’ve decided to get some things in order that I’ve been putting off.  First on my list was creating a household inventory.

The three main ways to inventory your possessions are:

  • Written sheet for each room including serial numbers along with purchase price, date and receipts of large ticket items
  • Photographs of each room with descriptions
  • Video of each room

I’ve decided to do all three because I can see how utilizing each method would best convey the contents, replacement value, and condition of our personal belongings.

After putting together my room by room sheets, I took photographs of the rooms and then included everything in a binder titled “Household Inventory  2011″ which I then put into a fireproof safe (or you may want to keep yours in a bank’s safety deposit box.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to have accomplished this. By doing this while we were moving back into our home I did add some extra work for myself, but I must admit it was easier to catalog everything as I was unpacking it piece by piece.

Do you have a household inventory? Have you ever needed one or found yourself wishing you had made one?
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Organizing your passwords, ISP, network and software license information

Do you have a log book where you store your important computer information including user names/passwords for websites that you use?  Having one can help you remember all those sites you join, as well as be able to access them.

In preparation of our upcoming move (again) I am busy getting myself organized as I pack.  One of my latest purchases was the log book shown above. However, I’ve noticed that the company is out of business so finding a well priced book may not be as easy as it once was.

With that being said I have made the following pages for you so that you can download them and put them into a binder for your personal use.  You are welcome to share this information with friends or on your own blog as long as you link to this original post.   

Be sure to scroll through all 5 pages to see all of the different forms I made for you!

 Computer and Internet Password and Record Keeper

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When you are under attack

Sometimes it happens when you least expect it.  You go to your computer for a quick check of your email or your Facebook account and you find the exact opposite of what you were looking for.  Where you were craving connection, encouragement, friendship or just a mindless distraction you instead got a double dose of vengeance, envy, accusations, slander and a slew of bible verses pointing out the splinter in your eye (and leaving out the obvious plank in your accusers).

While your local news media may advertise the rise of bullies in school and a society that is breeding “mean girls” not much has been said about the Christian women who go around perpetuating high school.  The mommies groups that thrive on judgment and alienation.  The homeschool communities that seek to break down others with a few well placed eye rolls, and hushed whispers.

When you come under vicious attack it is tempting to lash back out. Frankly, after you’ve been attacked enough you learn a few mean phrases to throw back out.  I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve fought back and felt good about it.  There, I said it.  It felt good to defend myself and break down another, and yet it is the exact opposite of what I teach my children. 

“Just because someone is mean to you doesn’t mean you can be mean to them.”
Unless, err, you’re me?

 It is also the exact opposite of what we are called to do in Christ.
It usually takes me days to get over hurtful remarks.  It probably brings a smile to my accusers face to know that they have completely derailed me and my usefulness to my family and friends.  
Although I have many faults, I am not a mean girl by nature.  I know all too well how words can wound, and while I may be accused of saying something out of ignorance that brought pain, it is a rare day that I send my words out like missals.  My true friends know this. I am known for being careful with my words.

The trait my husband and friends most love about me was born out of hurt and pain.  God does indeed turn what man meant for evil to good.

Unfortunately, Satan knows I am easily wounded and he sends his lies up from the very pit of hell to the mouths (and fingers) that are ready to assist him in tearing me from my purpose, belief, faith, and trust in God.

I used to wonder why it happened it to me.  Why certain lies kept repeating themselves.  Time and time again close friends and women in the ministry would point out to me that I was under spiritual attack.  Me?  Am I really worthy of a spiritual attack? Isn’t that best reserved for someone who is really making a difference in the Kingdom? I’m just a mom. Just a homeschooler.  Just a wife.  Just a woman having a bad day.

But that isn’t true, is it?

I am the daughter of the King and a heir to the Kingdom of God.  There is a price on my head and the Evil one will do anything to make me doubt my worthiness in Christ.  And I have doubted more times than I care to admit.

If you are suffering from Spiritual Attacks or just feelings of unworthiness I encourage you to remember that you too are an heir to the Mighty Kingdom of God…and as the bible says we should rejoice when we come under attack. It is a sign that we are on the right path!

How do you handle spiritual attacks?

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