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Something to look forward to…

2011 will mark the year of my 40th Birthday and the year I visit the Amalfi Coast with my husband and our friends K & B.  I have never been to Italy and I am beyond excited about this trip.  Even if we have to fly-in babysitters from Pennsylvania in order to go.  Even if I’m going to miss my kids like crazy when I’m not knee deep in shopping, eating amazing food, or having gellatos.
If anyone has ever been and has a file of favorite spots, hotels, and must do’s please let me know. Even if you are just pulling it from your personal wish list file I’d like to know…and I’ll blog about it. Share the love and all that.
Maybe turning 40 won’t be so bad after all?

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Miracle in Franklin: The rest of the story

Earlier this year I posted a video that I saw at the Generous Giving Conference, entitled, Miracle in Franklin.
I wanted to share the sequel to that video. The other side of the story.

Something I never really wrote about when I posted that video was this:  That video brought me to tears. It was so touching but what brought me to tears was that I desperately wanted to adopt and my husband did not.  My longing grew stronger with each month and I must admit that I didn’t want to sit around and think about what we could do for other people through generous giving. I wanted to think about how I could adopt the children I wanted.

I cannot exactly pinpoint when a change came over my husband, but after agreeing to pray about adoption he agreed, and not grudgingly. He embraced it and said, “…and when we adopt our baby I want to help other people adopt too.”

What started as a desire to financially fund 1 adoption per year turned into 5 adoptions in the first year.

We don’t believe God is through with us on the adoption front. Of course, I believe He has another special child in mind for our family while my husband does not.  However we both agree that we have developed a heart for birth parents and are committed to partnering with an organization that provides support and opportunity to birth parents both before and after they place their children for adoption.  We are in the process of exploring that right now.

I cannot tell you how magical it is when you allow God to use you in His miracles and blessings.  It is like getting a front row seat!  

Won’t you consider letting God use you this coming year?  I think the most touching part of this story is that this couple wasn’t incredibly wealthy.  The gift they gave was sacrificial in many ways. It took them out of their comfort zone and yet they were richly blessed through their willingness to let God use them to bless another family.

Remember the part in the video where they said they have 9 children? In the first video they had FIVE.  That part makes me smile because when they were asked at the conference if they would adopt again the wife said, “NO!” and her husband said, “YES!” 

Say Yes to God this holiday season!

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Gotcha Day

A judge finally made OFFICIAL what had already happened in our hearts...

Baby Sister is now officially and legally a member of our family forever more.  As if she was a blood descendant born into wedlock with all the rights and privileges of an heir. 

That is what the actual document says. Isn’t that just amazing?

Part of our testimony before the judge included a statement from our family read by my husband.
He said:

We thank the court for this opportunity to make legal what has already happened in our heart.  (Baby Sister) is a blessing to our family and a gift from God.  We cannot imagine our life without her and consider it a privilege and honor to be her parents.  We look forward to raising our daughter to be who God intends her to be and promise to love, cherish and protect her.
And that about sums it up.

What a very Merry Christmas we will have as we celebrate the newest addition to our family and her very first Christmas with us!

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Everything to me

This video was played during our two-day adoption class. The purpose of the class was to primarily give adoptive parents a heart for their future child’s birth parents and to learn about the various types of adoption one can have.

The story behind this video is that Mark Shultz is adopted. He loves his adoptive family and really had no desires to meet his birth mother or had any feelings either way towards her. He wasn’t angry with her but he also wasn’t filled with emotion about her either. While performing at a Christian conference (about adoption)an adoption professional spoke to him about what birth mothers sacrifice and give their children, how hard it is for them to go through the grieving process and what they hold on to throughout that process: the dreams for a BETTER situation that they wanted for their child.

This song was the result of his realization about how much his birth mother loved him, what birth mothers give and sacrifice——and how much he now loves his birth mother, even though he has never met her (at the time I saw this video).

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Homemade Snow

The weather dropped below 60 degrees today in South Florida which means that most Floridians were FREEZING, turning on our heat and vowing never to go outsideor maybe that was just me?

At any rate, I had to create some indoor fun, so we made snow!

In hindsight, I probably should have had them play with the snow outside—to give them the full Snow Day experience, but I didn’t. Maybe tomorrow. According to the package this stuff lasts up to 14 days!

You can buy your own Super Snow by Dune Craft! 

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