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The adoption journey begins…

Remember when I posted this prayer request?  Well, your prayers have been felt and heard!  We are beginning the process to see how the Lord would use and bless our family through adoption.  Just deciding that we are moving forward in prayer has been a huge milestone.  We do not have any firm ideas of where our child will come from, or when. We both believe firmly that God has a plan and his timing is perfect.

You may need to remind me I said that.  I can be impatient.

I briefly considered starting a separate blog of our journey, but since I have this one, this one, and this one... I’m just going to post about our experiences here. Maybe I’ll even come up with a cute little button…but with 4 homeschooled children, I wouldn’t hold your breath!

 Since we are just starting our journey I am obviously NOT an expert, but I will openly post what we’re learning along the way in the hopes that it may help someone else out there who is considering this for their family.

Please feel free to add your adoption advice in the comments.

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The cobblers son has no shoes and other decorating dilemas

I have been in a decorating funk. This is really something considering I used to work as an interior decorator.

After 9 months in our new house Big Daddy is starting to protest.  I cannot say I blame him. He thought he was getting lifetime free decorating services when he married me and now he is feeling a bit like the cobblers son who has no shoes!

In my defense, there are quite a few valid reasons why I am in a decorating funk. But in Big Daddy’s defense, we need to get on with our life already and not continue to give up our joys.

Decorating is generally a joy for me.

I live for nesting. I was born to feather my  nest and tend to my little chicks.

So, will you help encourage me as I try to get my decorating mojo back?
In return I will post inspiration photos and the photos of rooms or areas as I finish them. My photography skills are amateur but my heart is in the right place.  Lets just try to fix one problem at a time, okay?
Here is the first inspiration picture:
Inspiration photo
I just love these old suitcases, don’t you?  I think this is so clever to use them as part of a console table. I’ve always stacked them as end tables…but I would love to put a few together and make a console table for my master bedroom.
 My guest room (excuse the temporary shades)
What do you think? Do you have any vintage suitcases to spare?


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Read the bible in 90 days

As a Christian I’m actually a little ashamed of myself for never having read the bible straight through, in its entirety. All that is going to change, beginning July 5th. Want to join me?
Sign up here.

I hope you’ll join me.

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Traditional 10 year Anniversary Gifts

With our ten year anniversary nearing and our renewal of vows ceremony pushed back to September, I’ve had time to start thinking about how we will celebrate our anniversary together.

I’m taking Big Daddy away for 3 days alone.  We need it.  Being married to a Road Warrior is not easy and when you throw in homeschooling, co-ops, writing, moving, and 4 kids it is that much harder (but not impossible) to stay connected as a couple.

Big Daddy sort of took the wind out of my sails when he announced that there would be no gifts.  I mean, really? No gift for 10 years together?

I looked up what the traditional wedding gift was for 10 years of marriage and I found out it was: Tin.  Or, if you want to be modern its: aluminum
I don’t know about you but I’m thinking that the least Big Daddy could do is get me a Costco size roll of aluminum foil for our modern 10-year wedding anniversary.
Unless of course he wanted to be alternative…then it’s diamonds.

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Renewing my vows and recycling my dress

After Big Daddy asked me to marry him, I did what many new brides-to-be often do. I began buying and reading every bridal magazine I could get my hands on.

Then I saw it, the dress I had to have. It was only available at one store…in New York City.

The bridal consultant that greeted me that morning was prepared for a day of trying on gowns. She peppered me with questions geared towards helping her select several dresses for me to try on, and I was irritated. I just wanted to try on my dress. The dress. Why was she now asking me all these questions? Did they no longer have my dress?

Yes, you’ll try that one on too but we have many others and I need to narrow down your preferences first.” She told me, somewhat exasperated by my unwillingness to yield to her bridal expertise.

Not being particularly confrontational I let her have her way, but I made sure I tried on the dress I wanted FIRST….and then I told a very shocked and grouchy bridal consultant, “I’ll take it. This is the dress I want.”

And it was.

And it still is.

If I am remarrying the same man I fell in love with, 10 years and 4 children ago, I’m going to do it in the same dress I fell in love with too.


This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.