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Carnival Birthday Party cake & favors

When Cutie Pie turned 2 we threw her a carnival birthday party. It is our “signature” party when children turn two. Or, since we’re on our 3rd one, our “traditional” party for a child’s second birthday.

I like to make up our own family traditions as we go along. Its one of the unique blessings from having grown up in a dysfunctional family with no traditions and very little sense of family.

Here are the cupcakes we had made for the party. Don’t they look like little cartons of popcorn?

When did party bags become so mandatory? I don’t recall getting them when I attended parties as a child. Now the gift bags can rival the gift you bring to the party if you aren’t careful! I choose to keep the gift bags simple, but cute.

These were the party favor bags we gave to the younger children (who couldn’t have gumballs). The tents were filled with animal crackers.

More pictures to come, including some of our birthday girl!

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Sometimes you need to pour your heart out

For me the written word has always been the best way for me to express myself. When I began blogging I wasn’t sure what I would blog about. What would I share? Who would I tell about my blog. And if I told no one, then who would even read what I wrote, muchless care?

So, I just started writing slowly, (if starting with 3 blogs at once could be considered slow) being careful about how much I shared and not really knowing what direction I would be going in.

Then I started reading blogs. Reading them voraciously (if having over 150 blogs in your reader could be considered voracious) and really caring about the authors of those blogs. Hurting when they hurt and truly feeling joy when they did.

It changed my perspective on blogging.

It changed my heart.

It changed my writing.

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Because my life wasn’t nearly busy enough

I spent the better part of the weekend trying to determine the sex of our Guinea Pig pair…and let me tell you this is not as easy as you’d think. There are even detailed guidelines to help you.

But before I wax poetic on my weekend spent investigating the private parts of Guinea Pigs, I have to tell you about a conversation I overheard between our twin boys.

The main character of this story will remain nameless, to protect his precious innocence.

While running around frantic getting everything we needed for our (impulse) purchase of two Guinea Pigs, NAMELESS SON overheard a pet shop attendant (from another pet store) giving me instructional tips on properly determining whether or not we had boy or girl guinea pigs.

In her expert Pet Shop opinion all I needed to do was, “Just move the fur and push down gently on their belly. If something comes out it’s a boy.”

I nodded politely but planned on just going to the vet.

Later in the car I overhear NAMELESS SON telling his twin brother, “We don’t know if we have boy or girls so we probably cannot name them until we find out. But later Mom is going to push on their belly and if any of them pee—-it’s a boy!”

You just cannot make this stuff up! I love having kids even more at times like this!

So far I feel almost 100% certain we have one sow (female) Guinea Pig. The jury is still out on the other one.

However, I recently learned that sows can begin reproducing at 5 weeks old and since ours is 6 weeks old, how much do you want to bet that the other Guinea Pig is a boar (male)?


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Monster Birthday wishes

Happy 7th Birthday to our twin boys
Mama & Daddy love you!
(your sisters do too)

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The flowers of love & entitlement

He used to send me flowers all the time.

For no reason at all.

I would read and re-read the card over and over, savoring every word, before finally tucking it away for safe keeping.

Through the years the flowers slowed to only special occasions. Birthdays, Anniversaries, or sometimes, apologies

…I’d read the card quickly before placing it on the table where it would stay for a few days before it got tossed in the trash.

It was no longer something to savor, cherish or save.

It is easy to say HE changed.

HE stopped.

HE doesn’t.

But when I’m honest with myself, I realize that I changed and stopped too.

When was the last time you courted your husband? Or behaved like a woman who was being courted instead of a wife that was entitled?

We give so much of ourselves to people in the early stages of love.
When in reality they are more deserving in the later stages.

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