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Time to make the bagels!

The Sneaker Teacher is now obsessed with making bagels over in Germany. Since I’m lucky enough to know her in real life I not only read her blog, but also keep in touch with her via email, which is helpful when you are considering taking on bagel making for the first time.

I’m so impressed she is making bagels and of course she encouraged me to make them with my children. My kids love to eat bagels and they generally love to help in the kitchen, so it seemed like a win-win proposition. Plus, Katie’s looked so good…and she was so encouraging…and did I mention we love bagels?

We used the directions and recipe here, that Katie forwarded me. Try it. Its really not as hard as it seems like its going to be. I promise.

I don’t know about you but I really love making things that look harder than they are. You get more points that way. Especially if you aren’t cooking as much because you have picky little eaters, like me. If you are going to put yourself out in the kitchen, why not go for the bang?

New York is known for their bagels and the secret is said to be the water. Go figure?

So, if you know any New Yorkers, you should ask them to send you a jug of New York tap water pronto, because the other secret to good bagels is boiling them first.

I think I’m going to make this a weekend tradition.
Any requests?

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It’s a wrap: The last of the makeover pictures

I am so wearing this blue dress to Blissdom!

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Its a Wild Wild World

Not many can say they had a Florida Panther on their patio as an invited guest!

Today McCarthy’s Wildlife came to our house to put on a presentation for our homeschool co-op. I never tire of listening to Mark McCarthy’s presentations or seeing the beautiful animals that he has in his care. All of which came to him for rehabilitation after an injury or were captured or recovered by Florida Wildlife services.

There are many perks to being a homeschool mom but I have to say, I really enjoy field trips with my kids! You can view more pictures & video on our homeschool blog.

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Home Organization Systems: The Slide Show

I’m happy to share the slides from my presentation today on Home Organizational Systems at A Woman Inspired.

Please know that the photographs included are meant to inspire, encourage, motivate and stimulate you into thinking outside of the box and how you can apply these principals in your own home. No matter what size home or life you are trying to manage, it is possible to do so more efficiently using some key organizational principals that can be applied to any situation—especially yours!

Look at this slide presentation as a launching point for your own creative solutions.
Home Organization Systems

You may download the additional handouts for this session.
Please also read this post.

Be blessed & Be organized!

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Blog Award

Pooba gave me this Blog Award and like the flu bug I’m passing it along.

The lucky recipients are:

A long way from the Theta House

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The rules are you must pass the love along to 10 other blogs who update their blogs at least twice a week. Pooba said once a week, but I have higher standards—-And will probably never get another blog award as long as I live!

I read so many blogs (118) it was hard to choose just 10 so don’t feel hurt if I didn’t pick you. Unlike Pooba, it doesn’t mean that I hate you—– and your mother.

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