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How to read a nutrition label

When I was in high school, they still taught home economics. I heard they no longer do that in high school and that is really a shame. Because it is getting harder and harder to be a homemaker or even just a consumer. Trying to buy healthy foods almost requires an advanced degree, even if you are shopping at an organic grocery store. It should be illegal to make it so hard for consumers to understand what is in the foods they purchase, but so far it apparently isn’t.

For more information download How to read a nutrition label and Healthier eating: getting to where you need to be.

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It’s tough being a woman

Last year I was blessed to attend Beth Moore’s Bible Study on Esther.

Now normally I’m not comfortable talking about my faith on my blog.
For one thing, I never want it to appear to others that I think I’m better than anyone or the model of Christian faith. But then I realized, I admire Beth Moore and she doesn’t say she is Little Miss Perfect model of Christian faith either, so maybe it’s okay for me to share where I am?

So here is the biggest nugget that jumped out for me during the Esther study.

Women, when you are feeling cattiness sprout from your soul about another woman. When you see the claws coming out and the viciousness rising to the surface—-check yourself.

Because the issue is NOT that other woman. It is most certainly YOU and YOU are the one that is fearful, intimidated or jealous about something about that woman to trigger such a response in you.

Now read it again.

At the time, that was such a wake up call for me because there was a woman who I had really nasty feelings about. Even though I never said anything to her or did anything to her. Whenever I saw her I just thought really ugly things and when I wasn’t thinking nasty things, I was telling my husband all the things I disliked about her. You see I’m not naturally catty. I don’t have the snappy come backs. I don’t have the biting words. I don’t know how to cut you off at your knees in two seconds—-and maybe it’s a good thing?

Although it doesn’t seem that way at the time that I’m getting attacked by someone.
So yes, it was wake up call for me.
Or so I thought…but we’ll come back to that.

This weekend I had another wake-up call.
And like most Godly lessons, I didn’t get the entire lesson, until the next day.
You see I just had someone verbally attack me and come after me for the same reason I didn’t like the other girl. There is some area of her heart or life that is hurting and she is jealous, fearful or intimidated by something in mine. I have no idea what it is and honestly, it’s not even for me to try to figure out. But it does make forgiving this person a lot easier for me, now that I have made the connection.

And lest you think I’m sitting here thinking I’m Little Miss Perfect model of Christian faith, let me tell you what I just did. I just humbled myself to the woman that I disliked and felt ugly towards because of my own fear, insecurity and yes, jealousy.

And it hurt.

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Trusting Him

Sometimes my children will ask me to fix something. But before I can even look at it properly, they take it back in their hands and go on about how it’s broken and they want me to fix it…yet I cannot seem to get my fingers on it—- because they don’t actually release it to me.

And so I do with God.

Not too long ago I came to God when an idea I had fell apart in the final hour.
In desperation I said, “Here God, if you want this to work out you will have to make it successful. I give up.”
And he answered me within 30 minutes.
God can be punctual like that!

But did I leave it in His hands?
Did I trust Him to continue to fulfill His promises to me?
Sadly, I did not.

After He had already shown me He could “fix” my problem.
I took it back.
Just when He was getting started.
And today it all blew up in my face.
As it should have.
Because I can do nothing without Him.
I can depend on no one, but Him.

“Now I am about to go the way of all the earth. You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the LORD your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.
Joshua 23:14

Lesson learned.
And though it hurt, I feel a peace that was missing before.
Now, that I am trusting in Him to continue to fulfill His promises.

How about you?

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Keyboard for kids

Chester Creek has come out with a keyboard for kids with color-coded keys to help them their vowels, consonants, and numbers with greater comprehension. It is compatible with any computer using a PS/2 USB connection.

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Tales of a 4th child

It is said that the fourth child isn’t photographed much.
Actually, they say that about the 2nd child…so imagine what it’s like for the 4th?
I swore that would never be me.
It is.
I’m so ashamed of myself.
So today, I celebrate Cutie Pie..
Humor me.

At 17 months she is still a joy.
Always smiling. Always happy.

Completely bilingual,
even if she only speaks Spanish to Daddy
(who doesn’t speak a word of it).

Her favorite food is Yogurt.
“go-gurt” as she calls it.

She loves leche (milk).
Which is fitting since she is crazy about cows.
She adores her big sister
and calling for her by name.

Screams, “Hi!” whenever anyone walks into the house.

Her first words were: Tortuga and gecko.

She loves to sing.
She loves watering the plants outside.
Hates swimming lessons but loves the pool.
Just don’t try to get in without her.
Trust me.

We love her.

Even if we don’t photograph her nearly enough.

We’re working on that…
Thanks for celebrating our 4th blessing with us.
She is just as loved as our first three.
I swear.


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