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Font This!

I just came across this website where you can make your own personalized font from your handwriting (or your child’s). I think it is a really neat idea, particularly if you are a scrapbooker, which I once was and hope to return to in 2009. I think it is also a great way to preserve your children’s handwriting.

It’s a relatively painless process and when all is said and done you’ll spend about $9. Please note that you do need a scanner to be able to use Fontifier.

Think of the possibilities!
What would you do with this?

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Not your mama’s flats

What (thirty something) mom doesn’t want to be comfortable and stylish? I’ve decided that 2009 is the year I’m making myself over.
No more maternity clothes for me, it’s time to get a new look.
One that is hip, comfortable and practical; Because after all, I do love my day (and night) job.

I wanted to share with two of my recent shoe purchases.
They fit the bill and dress up my jeans and t-shirt look just enough to make me hip.
But I can still run, skip, hop, and get on the floor with the best of them.

Lanvin Jeweled bow ballet flat in Navy from Barney’s
I just feel gorgeous wearing these. They are perfection for the feet and amazingly comfortable. I can see why they are a celebrity favorite. But I won’t hold that against them. They come in a range of colors in a basic simple unadorned design. But for my first purchase I had to go with the jeweled ones.

Studded ballet slippers in black from Bona Drag.
I wasn’t sure I could pull these off at first. It was really stretching it for me as I usually lean towards the more classic—but I did say I wanted a makeover, so that means trying something new and have I mentioned how comfortable these are? Don’t wear them out in wet weather though. They are crafted from real ballet shoes with soft soles.

Just call me Madonna. I’m making myself over.

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Post Holiday Organizing

There is no better time to get organized for Christmas 2009 then right now.

I know the temptation is there to just junk everything into a box and worry about it next year, but don’t do it. Think about what a gift it will be to have everything nicely organized as you kick off your holiday preparations next year.

One of my favorite things to do, post holiday, is stock up on all the Christmas clearance items in the way of gift wrap, tags, bows, tape, tissue paper and even ornaments (great for themed trees and holiday package toppers).

My all time favorite purchase was from The Container Store where I purchased their Gift Wrap Table. It holds even the longest of rolls and has room for tags, bows, tape etc. Although I also store additional paper and supplies in other containers—this works great. You might also consider using it for your non-holiday wrap (birthday, generic, baby shower).

I also like the vertical gift wrap organizer which works especially well if you have to store your wrap in the garage, attic or basement.

If you have a craft room or large enough personal home office you may also want to consider a simple blueprint cart which can also be found at office supply stores.

So check your supplies and see what you need.
Remember, when buying gift wrap, ribbons etc. try to stick within the same color palette so you can build on your gift wrap wardrobe easily each year without worrying if everything matches and coordinates.

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Advent Garland Kit

If you are like me you probably saw a lot of great holiday ideas, projects and traditions you wanted to do this holiday, but quickly ran out of time or energy to pull together.

My Montessori Journey posted a stocking advent activity that really inspired me in more ways than one. It is definitely on my list of things to do next year. Although you can make the stockings. I prefer to buy them on the cheap and what luck! You can buy them on sale now!
Mini Stockings are available from:

Hearthsong currently has the Advent Garland kit on sale for just $4.99!

Oriental Trading company has mini stockings here, here and here. But I also like the mini gift card holders.

I’m ready for next year.
How about you?

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The Perfect Gift…

I am so proud to be a contributor to Heart of the Matter Online.
The fact that I am able to write along side a team of incredible and inspiring writers is surely a sign of God’s grace and blessings on my life. I am not worthy…and yet I am blessed.

As you start your holiday celebrations I wanted to draw your attention to an article written by one of the other writers on the team. Her message, The Perfect Gift for Imperfect Families, is a strong, important and comforting one.

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